Kelly Clarkson is a rock star, both on and off the stage. When she found out that her April 29th concert in Indonesia was being sponsored and promoted by LA Lights, a top Indonesian cigarette brand, she took action and dropped the tobacco sponsorship. Read the full story here.

The United States has long banned tobacco concert sponsorship because it's been proven to increase youth smoking rates, but Indonesia still allows it. Just like Kelly has done, artists everywhere need to continue to take a stand and send the message that just because it's legal doesn't make it right.

Before Kelly Clarkson dropped the tobacco sponsorship, fans everywhere wrote messages to encourage her to take a stand and protect her fans. Click here to see those messages.
Your message will be forwarded to Kelly Clarkson's agent, manager, record label, and fan club. Thank her for taking a stand and rejecting tobacco sponsorship. She stood up for her fans, now it's time to stand up for her!
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Angela from midlo, VA Says:
"thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! (and so on and so on.... from all of your fans everywhere =D) You rock, keep up the good work being a role model and taking a stand" on 5/3 at 9:06pm
alex from fairfax, VA Says:
"nice job kelly, you're my role model!!!!11!!!11! i <3 you!!!!" on 5/3 at 8:32pm
Julia from Richmond, VA Says:
"I have so much respect for what u've done. i hope that by you saying no, it inspires others to do the same! thank you" on 5/3 at 8:17pm
Jessica from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thank you so much! i love you(: it means so much to me that you set a good example for teens in the united states" on 5/3 at 8:10pm
Shawn from Chesapeake, VA Says:
"Kelly, yOu definately have a responsibility to ensure that your celebrity is not used to promote smoking, I'm glad to hear your taking action, keep it up!!! " on 5/3 at 7:49pm
Mark from Chesapeake, VA Says:
"Kelly, glad to hear you don't support youth smoking, keep it up!" on 5/3 at 7:48pm
JG from New York, NY Says:
"glad to see you pulled that sponsorship down. You did the right thing for sure. FOR SUUUUURREEE" on 5/3 at 7:26pm
Laura from Hanover, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly! im sure you'll make an impact on many people!" on 5/3 at 7:14pm
Sandradee from abilene, TX Says:
"Way to represent the youth of the world with your decision to drop the sponsorship. I am so happy that you are a TExan! Your music is awesome, and so are you!" on 5/3 at 6:10pm
Joel from New York, NY Says:
"I'm the biggest Kelly Clarkson fan ever. EVER!!! I don't know how it took me so long to find this page. Kelly Clarkson is amazing and OF COURSE she did the right thing. She's my hero. Love you, Kell Bell, keep saving the world one tobacco-free performance at a time." on 5/3 at 6:06pm
maria from virginia Beach, VA Says:
"you just popped up on my itunes! Thanks for being so Kickass and telling LA Lights to take their money elsewhere. Shame on them for trying to use an American Idol to sell their deadly products!" on 5/3 at 6:04pm
Joe C. from Palo Alto, CA Says:
"Are we entirely sure Kelly was behind this? I guess that doesn't really matter- the right outcome was achieved. Tobacco should not be marketed at any concert where youth under the legal limit attend, let alone a concert for an artist quite popular with children. Hopefully other artists take notice of all of the hubbub that surrounded this event and pay closer attention to who promotes their performances abroad." on 5/3 at 6:01pm
allison from oklahoma city, OK Says:
"I have two young daughters, and I am so happy that they have a female role model that stands up for her beliefs and isn't afraid to say no when it counts. We listen to your music in the car, and now I can tell them that you are helping kids everywhere be more healthy and lead better lives. Thanks Kelly!" on 5/3 at 5:59pm
Ricky from Irvine, CA Says:
"Hey Kelly- I don't really care for your music but my little sister goes to all of your shows, so it's important to me what she is exposed to. I was happy to see you send the message that tobacco advertising at concerts is total hogwash. Not sure if they try to sneak this stuff in at US concerts, but hopefully you would do something about that too. Thanks for taking a stand" on 5/3 at 5:53pm
winnie from houston, TX Says:
"even though i don't listen to your music, i am so glad you are not sponsored by tobacco. i went to a concert festival one time, and there were billboards for kool cigarettes everywhere, and they had a tent and everything. it was totally gross. anyway, thanks for doing the right thing and saying NO." on 5/3 at 5:52pm
ariel from st. louis, MO Says:
"Hey Girl, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for dropping that tobacco companies sponsorship for your concert last week. I"m sure you rocked it. AND the kids didn't have to see that cigarette stuff everywhere and think it's cool." on 5/3 at 5:51pm
LuvrBoi from Miami, FL Says:
"There is waaaaaaayyyyy too much smoking at all the concerts I go to. You GO Kelly! Way to shut that DOWN. Butts end up everywhere, people smell gross. The cigarette bilboards dont need to be in concerts either. Keep singin" on 5/3 at 5:49pm
tammi from phoenix, AZ Says:
"Kelly, You make me proud to be an American. We care about people from places OTHER than America, and you were able to prove that to the world. Thank you for standing up for what is right. I hope others will follow your example and do the same thing. " on 5/3 at 5:48pm
Zoe from Alexandria, VA Says:
"Thanks for dropping the tobacco sponsorship kelly! You are a role model and should stay that way! Cigarettes are nasty! My older brother smokes and he alwasy smells like smoke! EW!" on 5/3 at 5:47pm
Monique from San Diego, CA Says:
"You rock kelly - thanks for letting Big tobacco know you do not support their evil products. " on 5/3 at 5:47pm
Todd from Mesa, AZ Says:
"Thanks kelly! Show those tobacco people what's up. Thanks for dropping your sponsorship!" on 5/3 at 5:47pm
Sarah from San diego, CA Says:
"Thanks for dropping the tobacco sponsorship! So many young kids look up to you and I admire you for taking a stand!! " on 5/3 at 5:39pm
Blake from San Francisco, CA Says:
"I never really followed your career but you have some great songs. Its good that kids in Indonesia get to listen to your songs without having cigarette ads in their face. Thank you." on 5/3 at 5:37pm
lydia from waco, TX Says:
"kelly, good to hear you are doing the right thing. I must tell you, I was VERY disappointed to hear you say that you thought you were being used as a political pawn--but now you have proven that you can do the right thing and stand up for kids that live in places where they cannot stand up for themselves. Shame on the tobacco industry for all the evil things they do. Makes me sick that you got wrapped up in this mess in the first place. " on 5/3 at 5:37pm
Grace from Galway, Ireland Says:
"I looooooove your music Kelly! I think you did a brilliant thing in cutting that sponsorship from your show. I'm sure the show was a huge success, wish I could have been there! Thanks again!" on 5/3 at 5:35pm
Melissa from Costa Mesa, CA Says:
"Thank you so much for being the amazing role model that you are and taking a stand. " on 5/3 at 5:30pm
Rachel Taylor from Richmond, VA Says:
"We need more artists to stand like you, Kelly. Thank you and keep your head up girl!" on 5/3 at 5:25pm
ANTHONY from Richmond, VA Says:
"yOU ARE AMAZING FOR TAKING A STAND " on 5/3 at 5:24pm
from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks! smoking sucks, but you don't! way to send a message to everyone about what you believe in." on 5/3 at 5:23pm
Kris from Colorado Springs, CO Says:
"I'm a grandparent with grandkids that love Ms. Clarkson's music. While we as parents and grandparents always try to steer children in the right direction, I was very happy to see Ms. Clarkson set a great example for youth. Tobacco is an unhealthy product and has no place being advertised at a concert that youth plan to attend." on 5/3 at 4:59pm
Cindy from Virginia beach, VA Says:
"Thanks for canceling this horrible sponsorship kelly! my grandpa died of lung cancer, so i hate cigarettes! i wouldn't have respected you had you taken that sponsorship thing. good job, I will now keep buying your stuff on i-tunes!!" on 5/3 at 4:59pm
trisha from charlottesville, VA Says:
"my friend said you did something great and i need to write on your wall and then i read about it and saw the stuff online and got so happy because it means that you really do care about your fans and your not just in it for the money like other people would be. i really like your music and now i like you even more because of everything you stand for. so thank you kelly clarkson!" on 5/3 at 4:59pm
roxanna from midlothian, VA Says:
"dear Kelly, I just heard all about this, and I am so happy that you are doing the right thing. I don't think that a lot of people in your shoes whould have said no to all that money and fame you would have had in indonesia if you would have stayed on the billboards there with that cigarette logo. keep up the GREAT work and i can't Wait to see you in Concert again!" on 5/3 at 4:28pm
Jenny from San diego, CA Says:
"Thanks kelly for taking a stand against the tobacco industry by dropping your sponsorship and giving young people such a great role model to look up to." on 5/3 at 4:27pm
Chris from Nashville, TN Says:
"My little sister listens to this stuff. She shouldn't be using tobacco and neither should anyone else. Good job kelly. Ps Kelly you're hot!!!" on 5/3 at 4:26pm
sarah from richmond, VA Says:
"your my favorite singer and i am so glad you stopped the smoking thing for your concert last week. i told my parents about it and they were so happy too and now i can get your next album without using my allowance money. your the best!" on 5/3 at 4:23pm
Chelsea from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks so much for dropping the sponsorship! it means a lot that you care more about the youth then the money from the sponsorship(: " on 5/3 at 4:18pm
Samantha from Richmond, VA Says:
"thanks for dropping the sponsorship! can't wait to go to your next show with all of my friends and even my little sister!" on 5/3 at 3:06pm
raj shivjiani from sterling, VA Says:
"Kelly, you made an excellent decision for not using the money from the tobacco company. tobacco is the worst enemy of man kind and i am not sure why it is still legal to sell such a poison. congratulations to you on making the right choice. - raj shivjiani" on 5/3 at 11:19am
Christina from Burke, VA Says:
"Good job kelly! Especially being a role model to so many young fans. You wouldn't want their sponsorship to influence kids to begin smoking. I admire you taking a stand. " on 5/3 at 11:00am
Mike from North Hampton, NY Says:
"It's nice to see someone who makes this much money take responsibility for protecting youth, even if it means potentially losing money. If only corporations would do the same." on 5/3 at 10:48am
Mark from Houston, TX Says:
"I love you kelly! You always do the right thing! Thank you!" on 5/3 at 10:42am
Allison from Richmond, VA Says:
"You're the role model I always thought you were. You just proved it! Thankkksss" on 5/3 at 10:21am
Tess from Richmond, VA Says:
"Yo go girl, show them who's the boss of this industry!" on 5/3 at 10:20am
Jessica from Richmond, VA Says:
"Keep on rockin' girl!" on 5/3 at 10:19am
Sara from RIchmond, VA Says:
"Because of you, I will say no to tobacco too!" on 5/3 at 10:19am
Ashley from Glen Allen, VA Says:
"Keep standing up for what you believe in :)" on 5/3 at 10:18am
Macy from richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly!!! good to know you are not afraid of standing up for what is right." on 5/3 at 10:18am
Elizabeth from richmond, VA Says:
"Thank you for caring about people's health and safety more than money. it means a lot." on 5/3 at 9:18am
Sagar from San Francisco, CA Says:
"Because of you, Kelly, I have one less reason to bang my head against the wall. Thanks for saving me the headache of being frustrated by double standards and hypocrisy of American recording artists abroad. Hopefully some of them noticed what you did." on 5/3 at 9:02am
Shantae from Durham, NC Says:
"The sneaky marketing tactics of that cigarette company couldn't fool you! Way to go. Kelly (and fans) 1 - 0 tobacco." on 5/3 at 8:57am
JH from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks for showing kids around the world that tobacco is bad, and that celebrities can do the right thing." on 5/3 at 8:53am
Ellen from bOSTON, MA Says:
"Well done kelly! I'm proud to have been a fan before this happened, and even more supportive of you and your career going forward. Other artists should take notice and follow the example you've set." on 5/3 at 7:17am
from Richmond, VA Says:
"I have so much respect for you KElly! YOu are amazing! We are behind you 100%" on 5/3 at 6:31am
kelly from potomac, AK Says:
"kelly u rock! shows that u really stand and believe in things! you go girl" on 5/3 at 6:26am
emily from midlothian, VA Says:
"thanks kelly for doing the right thing and saying no to tobacco products on your billboards!" on 5/3 at 5:59am
Kay from fairfax, VA Says:
"You did the right thing. Don't ever conform to what the media sees as something cool. " on 5/3 at 12:27am
Corey from Richmond, VA Says:
"Kelly, Words cannot explain how much i am grateful for you dropping the tobacco sponsorship. You've demonstrated genuine concern for the well-being of many of your onlookers, as well as yourself, which many of your fellow singers would not have done. You are a true American Idol.Keep doing what you do best, and continue to do what you consider is "right.'' Thank you" on 5/2 at 11:25pm
Sydney Tucker from midlothian, VA Says:
"thank you for setting a good example for youth :)" on 5/2 at 11:12pm
N from Potomac, MD Says:
"tabacco is bad. thank u for saying no. it teaches me to do the same." on 5/2 at 11:03pm
Kevin from midlothian, VA Says:
"I'm glad to see that fame hasn't corrupted you like it has so many others and that you haven't lost sight of who you are. This is a great example to set, and I hope that others follow that example." on 5/2 at 10:56pm
from richmond, VA Says:
"thx kelly! your music rocks and so do you! keep up the great work cuz youths need the good example of a smokefree life." on 5/2 at 10:41pm
Morgan from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thank you soooooo much for lessening the underage exposure to tobacco products!" on 5/2 at 10:35pm
Rodolfo from Fairfax, VA Says:
"KELLYY!! I respect you soo much right now! i loveee yoouuu!! It is because of you that i never stray too far from the sidewalk. you keep me going on the right path... away from drugs and cigarettes!! ILY <333" on 5/2 at 10:33pm
Erika from denver, CO Says:
"Kelly, thanks for standing up for yourself it takes guts and they are most appreciated." on 5/2 at 10:33pm
Jordan from Richmond, VA Says:
"thanks for doing the right thing even if it cost you some money. smoking is totally gross. glad u think so 2." on 5/2 at 10:33pm
william fisher from richmond, VA Says:
"you are pretty much a big deal, kelly. just sayin ;) thanks 4 making the tobacco sponsors take your pix off the posters and stuff." on 5/2 at 10:32pm
BDsaket from Fairfax, VA Says:
"you did a good job. tobacco companies can't do that to kids in other contries. you are da best!" on 5/2 at 10:24pm
Matt from Atlanta, GA Says:
"Its great to hear that someone is standing up to smoking. cigs are bad for you in any language." on 5/2 at 10:16pm
Rachel from VA Says:
"You are awesome kelly! thanks for taking a stand and taking your face off those billboards!" on 5/2 at 10:12pm
rebecca anthony from richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks Kelly!!!!!! people from all over the world think you are a big deal and so it's great that you used that power to do the right thing and show kids that tobacco is totally gross." on 5/2 at 10:12pm
Alicia from harrisonburg, VA Says:
"Thanks for being a great role model to girls and teens everywhere! can't wait til you come back to VA!" on 5/2 at 10:11pm
Michael ferras from Richmond, VA Says:
Jason from fairfax, VA Says:
"omg kelly. i'm so proud you decided to drop the sponsorship from la lights. being famous comes with the responsibilities to give back to the world and being a true role model for those who admire you. you really came through. keep it up!" on 5/2 at 9:59pm
Jake from Richmond, VA Says:
"Good for you kellY! good luck in everything you do. you deserve only the best." on 5/2 at 9:58pm
Taylor from midlo, VA Says:
"thanks so much for standing up for your beliefs and for having beliefs in the first place. a lot of celebs don't do that so thanks for taking a chance and saying no to smoking and cigaretes." on 5/2 at 9:58pm
Melanie from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thank ya! my little sister loves your music and now my mom and dad think that you are really a great person for her to look up to. way to GO!" on 5/2 at 9:58pm
Meghan from atlanta, GA Says:
"Thanks for doing that! it really means a lot to all of your fans! come back to ATL soon so me and my friends can watch your show!" on 5/2 at 9:56pm
MCkennah from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks for setting the example for everyone worldwide. your awesome!" on 5/2 at 9:56pm
Sofie from Miami, FL Says:
"Thank you! It really means a lot to know that you care about more than just making money off ticket sales from your shows. No one liked your picture being next to that cigarette logo." on 5/2 at 9:51pm
"love ya kellay!! you did the right thing and now more peopel will buy your music and see your shows. well done!" on 5/2 at 9:36pm
Alex from RICHMOND, VA Says:
"thanks for dropping tobacco sponsorship! :) CIgs are totally disgusting. Glad you think so too!" on 5/2 at 9:27pm
David from HOTLANTA, GA Says:
"Kelly is the greatest! You had to know she was going to pull through and be a hero. Keep on rocking my <3! Boooooooo tobacco" on 5/2 at 9:18pm
suny from clifton, VA Says:
"good job on being a good role model for people everywhere" on 5/2 at 9:16pm
Ray from Newark, NJ Says:
"Are tobacco companies really allowed to sponsor concerts that underaged kids attend? That's a shame. Well done Ms. Clarkson- as a parent, I'm proud to see you set a positive example." on 5/2 at 9:13pm
Charles from New York, NY Says:
"This was a very positive thing for youth to see a pop star do. More musicians need to understand that their actions abroad also affect youth here in the US." on 5/2 at 9:11pm
Grizzly from Fairfax, VA Says:
"Sup dawg, i like how you rejected that tobacco company. how very good of you for doing something for the world!" on 5/2 at 9:04pm
from VA Says:
"Thanks for dropping the sponsorship, Kelly!" on 5/2 at 8:11pm
Serena from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Keep it up kelly! It's little things like this that makes girls look up to you!" on 5/2 at 8:05pm
alexandra from glen allen, VA Says:
"Kelly, "because of you, i never strayed too far from the sidewalk." No, seriously!" on 5/2 at 8:04pm
Jake from midlothian, VA Says:
"Kelly! You were once my hero, you will always be my hero :D :D" on 5/2 at 8:04pm
Rachel from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Keep on rockin' girl! Thanks for supporting a tobacco-free world!" on 5/2 at 8:03pm
Bella from Midlothian, VA Says:
ella from fairfax, VA Says:
"i wish all celebrities were like this. thanks for standing up for the little guy." on 5/2 at 6:59pm
ray from d.c., DC Says:
"good choice (: smoking and cigarettes are nasty no matter what country you are in" on 5/2 at 6:57pm
kate from richmond, VA Says:
"hey! thanks for being an amazing role model and doing the right thing!" on 5/2 at 6:14pm
Lan from fairfax, VA Says:
"Thank you Ms. Clarkson! I love your music, and it means a lot to have someone I listen to and look up to working to stop the promotion of tobacco! :)" on 5/2 at 6:11pm
Kelsey from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks for keeping it real, kelly! Not only are you a positive role model in terms of self confidence, you are also one against tobacco!" on 5/2 at 4:28pm
Liz from Midlothian, VA Says:
"You truly are "miss independent"!" on 5/2 at 4:27pm
Kristina from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks for being strong in your beliefs, so we can be strong in ours." on 5/2 at 4:26pm
Caitlin from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Good choice kelly! imma keep rocking out to your tunes now :D" on 5/2 at 4:25pm
Mary from Richmond, VA Says:
"Gooooo kelly! Keep showing them who's boss!" on 5/2 at 4:25pm
caitlynn from midlothian, VA Says:
"Way to go kelly! "Because of you", thousands of kids will reject tobacco!" on 5/2 at 4:24pm
john from appomattox, VA Says:
"you rock kelly, you're my hero now" on 5/2 at 2:16pm
Tehreem from fairfax, VA Says:
"Thank you for standing up for something that is so wrong and a growing problem worldwide. I really hope you continue this great work and stop youth smokers. thank you again! (:" on 5/2 at 2:10pm
Seymour from fairfax, VA Says:
"Thanks so much, you not only inhibited my nicotine addiction, but probably helped some Indonesian youth as well." on 5/2 at 1:56pm
r00dboi from tampa, VA Says:
"thanks kelly for dropping the sponsorship!" on 5/2 at 1:22pm
freshprince from los angeles, CA Says:
"good job! i hope other musicians take a stand like you did and we can have a cigarette-free world." on 5/2 at 1:11pm
Victoria from fairfax, VA Says:
"you go girl! you did the right thing!" on 5/2 at 12:50pm
zafar from fairfax , VA Says:
"Thanks kelly clarkson, because of you. many teenagers will live above the influence :)" on 5/2 at 12:45pm
FATIMA from Fairfax, VA Says:
David from Fairfax, VA Says:
Ravi from Fairfax, VA Says:
"I'm glad to see you taking a stand against big tobacco and one of the worst influences for teenagers. keep it up!" on 5/2 at 10:44am
Dylan from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thank you, Kelly, for rejecting tobacco sponsorship!" on 5/2 at 2:08am
Will from Fairfax, VA Says:
"Go kelly!!! proud of you for doing the right thing even if it cost you some money. smoking is bad for you not matter where you live or how old you are. GOOD JOB!" on 5/1 at 10:39pm
lIZZie madison from midlothian, VA Says:
"thanks so much kelly!! i'm so proud of you for going out there and taking a stance on issues that matter to your listeners. thank you for doing your part for a better future. " on 5/1 at 10:35pm
john from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Way to go kelly! Keep standing up for what you believe in." on 5/1 at 9:58pm
Grace from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks for being the role model for my kids that you've always been!" on 5/1 at 9:57pm
Christy from richmond, VA Says:
"thank you kelly fro being a strong independent women. like you i have dreams and i am following them you are a true inspiration" on 5/1 at 8:34pm
julie from richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks for what you're doing, kelly." on 5/1 at 4:05pm
Parker from Richmond, VA Says:
"Way to go girl!" on 5/1 at 3:15pm
Parker from Richmond, VA Says:
"Way to go Kelly! i knew you were a good celebrity! hope to see a show some time." on 5/1 at 3:14pm
"THANKS! I like that you are standing up for what is right instead of just taking the money from the evil cigarette people in indenisa!" on 5/1 at 1:46pm
Alex from Leesburg, VA Says:
"Its great dat u did this! " on 5/1 at 11:43am
George from Sterling, VA Says:
"Thannkk you so much for losing your tobacco sponsership that was a very great thing you did!" on 5/1 at 11:20am
Alex from Leesburg, VA Says:
"Thank u so much, this iz a great idea. " on 5/1 at 11:09am
f from midlothian, VA Says:
"thanks for dumping the sponsorship, even when it was not about kids in America being exposed to cigaretts. tobacco kills everyone around the world. way to go" on 5/1 at 11:09am
Janet farmer from chester, VA Says:
"THANKS for rejecting tobacco sponsorship at your concert overseas. " on 5/1 at 4:17am
cindy from sagle, ID Says:
"When faced with a choice, most people want to do the right thing but don't have the courage. Hope this inspires those not so famous to have the courage of their convictions." on 5/1 at 1:45am
albert from vienna, VA Says:
"yo kelly-good job with that tobacco concert snaffu. american idol types should not have shows where they hand out cigs to little kids. that's just wrong. so nice job." on 4/30 at 11:49pm
Jocelyn Powelson from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thank you for standing up for what is right by rejecting tobacco sponsorship." on 4/30 at 11:47pm
joanna from richmond, VA Says:
"i didn't like that billboard picture of you with that tobacco logo thingy. good for you for telling them no. i hope your show wuz great--come to richmond soon so me n my friendz can sing the life sucks song. ok bye." on 4/30 at 11:47pm
SAL from richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks, Kell! Tobacco is gross. Way to fight for our right to breathe clean air!" on 4/30 at 11:08pm
Jasmine from Richmond, VA Says:
"I have so much more respect for you now Kelly. Keep being awesome." on 4/30 at 11:00pm
sam from charlottesville, VA Says:
"thanks for ending the tobacco concert promotions, kelly!" on 4/30 at 10:22pm
Gypsy Brown from Virginia Beach, VA Says:
"THANK YOU FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!" on 4/30 at 10:12pm
Natalie from Fairfax, VA Says:
"Kelly!! You're awesome, and i respect your decision!" on 4/30 at 8:53pm
sam from fairfax, VA Says:
"It's so important for people to realize that everyone sets an example for someone else. The youth of our world respect musicians and when they do what's right so do kids. I can't think of a single kid I know who does drugs that doesn't say that great art/music has come of it. Kids can do so much more when their brains and bodies aren't fried." on 4/30 at 8:52pm
Emily from fairfax, VA Says:
"We are proud of you for dropping the sponsership. You're a Great Role model!!" on 4/30 at 8:51pm
emily from richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks for dropping the sponsorship!" on 4/30 at 8:34pm
Judy from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks for dropping the tobacco sponsorship, Kelly! Millions of teens look up to you, and you showed them why you're really an international sensation." on 4/30 at 7:59pm
Shelly from Richmond, VA Says:
"What an example you are setting for us-- Saying no to bad influences!" on 4/30 at 7:57pm
Elizabeth from VA Says:
"Way to go, Kelly. Thanks for saying NO to tobacco :)" on 4/30 at 7:08pm
brian from midlothian, VA Says:
"thanks for telling those tobacco people NO, kelly!" on 4/30 at 7:01pm
Aaron from Fairfax, VA Says:
"hey kelly, thanks for dumping the sponsorship and not being lame and taking their money." on 4/30 at 6:54pm
I C from Richmond, VA Says:
"it's sad that kids feel the need to smoke just because their favorite musician's concert was sponsored by a tobacco company. these kids clearly need more direct supervision but Kelly Clarkson did the right thing. it was a step in the right direction" on 4/30 at 6:40pm
Chris from Va beach, VA Says:
"Hey Kelly, thanks for droppin the ads. Good job " on 4/30 at 6:30pm
sue Cullen from babylon, NY Says:
"Way to go Kelly! Did what needed to be done." on 4/30 at 6:02pm
Chris from bristol, VA Says:
"You da bomb, Kelly. Thanks for being awesome and dropping that sponsor. We need some more rock stars like you." on 4/30 at 5:32pm
jessika from blacksburg, VA Says:
"tabacco is gross. thanks kelly for saying no! my favorite song from you is my life would suck with out you!" on 4/30 at 4:28pm
Bridget from VA Says:
"Thank you very much for standing up in what you believe in and not being a typical celebrity." on 4/30 at 3:04pm
Sarah from midlothian, VA Says:
"thank you for standing up for what you believe in and what is right - you are what being an idol is all about." on 4/30 at 2:37pm
Chloe from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"You are our idol for taking this stance against the tobacco industry. Thank you." on 4/30 at 11:51am
Mike from Southampton, NY Says:
"It's refreshing to see a pop star with morals, Kelly. I applaud you for taking such a strong and clear stand against the promotion of tobacco products to young people. For once, the title of "role model" can truly apply to a celebrity. " on 4/30 at 11:39am
Pavan from Chicago, IL Says:
"Straight up! That was awesome. Thank god cooler heads prevailed and Kelly dumped that tobacco sponsorship. Tobacco adds really have no place at music shows." on 4/30 at 11:35am
Sal from richmond, VA Says:
"you're a true role model!" on 4/30 at 11:26am
audra from richmond, VA Says:
"thank you for taking a stand and rejecting tobacco sponsorship, it is inspiring that you stood up for what you believed in and you are a great example to all of your fans" on 4/30 at 11:22am
Leah from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you kelly!! We all appreciate you standing up for the fans in Indonesia!" on 4/30 at 10:49am
tyler from compton, CA Says:
"kelly, i love you. it takes guts to do what you did " on 4/30 at 10:37am
shanika from Richmond, VA Says:
"thank you for rejecting the tobacco sponsorships. this shows teens and myself that you care about us(fans). you rock kelly!!!!!" on 4/30 at 10:11am
Mark Driscoll from Washington, DC Says:
"Way to stick to your morals! Are you going to write a song about it?" on 4/30 at 5:50am
Treff from richmond, VA Says:
"thanks! we appreciate all you do for your adoring fans- those of us here in the states AND abroad! " on 4/29 at 10:45pm
andrew from richmond, VA Says:
Chris from Richmond, VA Says:
Kelly from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thank you so much for your mature decision and for being a role model for everyone! You truly exemplify everything a role model should be! thank you!" on 4/29 at 9:53pm
Emily from midlothian, VA Says:
"thanks for doing the responsible thing and declining the offer to be sponsored by a tobacco company! your awsome!" on 4/29 at 9:49pm
Rebecca Neidle from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Kelly, You are a role model to young girls and women across the world. thank you for standing up and rejecting the tobacco sponsorship. this act of courage shows that you truely love your fans and are devoted to seeing them HEALTHY and happy. I admire the strength you showed by showing everyone that having a sponsor like a tobacco company can really influence the vulnerable people of the world. " on 4/29 at 9:44pm
Kasey from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly for not promoting the use of TOBACCO and dropping their sponsorship." on 4/29 at 9:37pm
Chris Pena from Richmond, VA Says:
"Thank you kelly! We really appreciate it. :) " on 4/29 at 9:33pm
JMS from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks so much! You're saving lives! plus, you are awesome. Twofer :)" on 4/29 at 9:29pm
shantal from chesapeake, VA Says:
"cool beans, kelly! ms. clarksen is the best american iddol ever! cigs are bad--no need to take there money ever!" on 4/29 at 9:00pm
ted from richmond, VA Says:
"heard the news. way to go! hope the show is good tonight (since it'll be smoke free! woohoo!)" on 4/29 at 8:57pm
kelly from norfolk, VA Says:
"so excited we have the same name! thanks for being so kickass and dropping the cigarette money. you rock!" on 4/29 at 8:45pm
Aaron from Midlothian, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly, for dropping your tobacco sponsorship!!!" on 4/29 at 7:37pm
james from fairfax, VA Says:
"i actually bought a song because of what you just did :D" on 4/29 at 7:23pm
Wilbur from Mobile, AL Says:
"Way to go kelly! we need more entertainers like you!" on 4/29 at 6:02pm
Jabar from Wabash, IN Says:
"I hate it when people try to sell me tobacco. The answer is no! Kelly rocks for doing this" on 4/29 at 5:21pm
Jared Walters from Alexandria , VA Says:
"Thanks Kelly for your contribution to stopped the cigarette companies promoting there products. " on 4/29 at 5:10pm
ladonna from crofton, MD Says:
"i knew you would do it. tobacco is nasty. it makes your breathe stink and teeth yellow and noone wants yellow teeth. have a good show!" on 4/29 at 4:32pm
tim from fairfax, VA Says:
"don't really like your music much, but i'm glad you dropped the sponsorship. thanks for not getting sucked into the evil empire that is tobacco." on 4/29 at 4:25pm
Ron from Irvine, CA Says:
"I'm not sure who did what, but in the end the right thing happened. I don't even like having tobacco companies sponsor stuff I go to, and I'm 25!" on 4/29 at 4:25pm
kiki from tulsa, OK Says:
"good to hear that you dropped your sponsorship. tobacco is gross." on 4/29 at 4:23pm
charlie from snellville, GA Says:
"dropping the sponsorship was a good idea. after all, can't have american idols doing things that are bad for you." on 4/29 at 4:22pm
bethany from metairie, LA Says:
"now i think my mom will let me go to your concert. thanks kelly!" on 4/29 at 4:19pm
janet from charleston, SC Says:
"nice job, kelly. thanks for standing up to the tobacco industry worldwide!" on 4/29 at 4:18pm
C-Money from Bristol, VA Says:
"Tobacco is trash and that money was duuuuurrrty. It was smart of her to drop that sponsor. Good PR and more importantly good for her fans!" on 4/29 at 4:18pm
jupiter from ft. worth, TX Says:
"way to go, kelly! leave it to a texas girl to do the right thing! yee haw!" on 4/29 at 4:17pm
Chris from Norfolk, VA Says:
"You can now Count me in as one of your fans, Kelly. Job well done kicking that tobacco company to the curb!" on 4/29 at 4:14pm
Jake from Virginia Beach, VA Says:
"You did the right thing. Thanks for understanding how important this issue is! Indonesia needed a site like this of their own :)" on 4/29 at 4:11pm
Carl from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"This was a no-brainer. Glad to see you turn your back on that dirty tobacco $$$!" on 4/29 at 4:09pm
Emily from VA Says:
"Hi Kelly. Thanks so much for dropping the tobacco sponsorship. you truly are a great role model. keeping tobacco out of young people's lives is a great action. " on 4/28 at 10:59pm
The One and Only from Independence, VA Says:
narnar from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you for standing up for whats right. its greatly appreciated. " on 4/28 at 8:14pm
Chris m from BOSTON, MA Says:
"Thank you for dropping the cigarette sponsor." on 4/28 at 8:03pm
Jeff Miller from Elk Creek, VA Says:
"Thank you for doing the right thing." on 4/28 at 5:26pm
colt from mooresville, NC Says:
"Thank you kelly for dropping the tobacco sponsorship." on 4/27 at 9:46pm
Aria from chicago, IL Says:
"kelly, thank you for dropping the tobacco sponsorship. you are a great role model." on 4/27 at 9:39pm
Michelle from Richmond, VA Says:
"Kelly girl, thanks so much for taking this important dicisions into are the greatest!!!" on 4/27 at 9:37pm
RAchel from GA Says:
"Thank you so much kelly for being such a great role model By fighting against tobacco. :)" on 4/27 at 8:36pm
David from Independence, VA Says:
"Thank you for standing up for your fans and keeping Tobacco out of our lives. " on 4/27 at 7:36pm
Schmid from Independence , VA Says:
"Its good to know that someone with so much else going on has the time to recognize good and bad when it comes to tobacco as well as other substances , great job keep it up!" on 4/27 at 5:43pm
Aaron from San Diego, CA Says:
"Because of you kelly, a tattooed punk rocker guy can let his softer side out and laugh and cry and sing to your beautiful songs wihtout worrying about the ugly hands of the tobacco industry reaching kids...i love you" on 4/27 at 4:54pm
Eva from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Kelly, thanks for taking a stand against tobacco. So many teens look up to you, and you did an awesome thing! Thanks!" on 4/27 at 12:12am
constance from blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thanks! Keep tobacco out of the lives of youth" on 4/26 at 11:05pm
Emma Lambertson from blacksburg, VA Says:
"thanks so much for taking a stand kelly!!!" on 4/26 at 10:49pm
Will Coffey from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you for taking a stand on tobacco usage Kelly!" on 4/26 at 10:42pm
Malou Flintsch from blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thanks again for taking a stand and rejecting tobacco sponsorship! :):)" on 4/26 at 10:26pm
Emma douglas from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you for dropping the tobacco sponsorship!" on 4/26 at 10:22pm
Hailey from Blackburg, VA Says:
"Hey, thanks, Kelly, you're great! You're an awesome influence on us, and its really cool that we can look up to someone that can say no to tobacco (:" on 4/26 at 10:21pm
Keith Woody from virginia beACH, VA Says:
"thanks Kelly!!!! Good choice...we need more people like you!!!" on 4/26 at 10:02pm
john from blacksburg, VA Says:
"thanks Kelly for taking a stand against the tobbacco industry" on 4/26 at 9:56pm
Abby Says:
"Thanks for making a stand, Kelly!" on 4/26 at 9:47pm
Nick Link from blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thanks for not selling out to big tobacco " on 4/26 at 9:39pm
RosHni from Fairfax, VA Says:
"It's nice to know that you're a great person in addition to being a great singer! " on 4/26 at 9:19pm
Nina Udeshi from Clifton, VA Says:
"I am so proud of you and respect you so much more because of what you did!" on 4/26 at 9:15pm
ian from blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly for taking a stand against smoking! " on 4/26 at 9:11pm
charles from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you so much for taking A STAND FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT" on 4/26 at 9:09pm
aneela wadan from Fairfax, VA Says:
"Thank you so much for making the right decision! you may have saved hundreds of teens from making the wrong choice :)" on 4/26 at 9:05pm
Keenan Williams from Virginia beach , VA Says:
"Thank you Kelly for dropping your tobacco sponsorship...still behind you 100%" on 4/26 at 8:56pm
Pete from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Tobacco is so harmful for the world and the people who live in it. Thank you for "putting it down!" " on 4/26 at 8:53pm
Jackson from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"I'm glad some well known faces are standing up for what they believe in and refusing to accept a sponsorship that promotes a nasty habit. Thanks again." on 4/26 at 8:51pm
claire pickrell from blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thank you Kelly for taking a stand against the advertisement of cigarettes. Young people are so impressionable and the cigarette companies are always using that to their advantage!! Thanks!" on 4/26 at 8:50pm
lindsay from blacksburg, VA Says:
"thanks for not taking the sponsorship" on 4/26 at 8:38pm
Ross from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"Thanks kelly thats awesome!!" on 4/26 at 8:36pm
lydia from Blacksburg, VA Says:
"It means so much that you dropped the tobaco sponsorship. Kids everywhere look to you as a role model. by dropping the sponsorship you encouraged all your fans not to accept tobacco. thanks kelly!" on 4/26 at 8:01pm
Christine Hou from RICHMOND, VA Says:
Will from Chester, VA Says:
"Thank you Kelly! You rock!" on 4/26 at 7:11pm
Ashley from San Diego, CA Says:
"Thanks Kelly! It's important to take a stand against tobacco especially when so many young people look up to you. Rock on!" on 4/26 at 5:34pm
Tyler Crouse from North Tazewell, VA Says:
"You are an inspiration to people around the world." on 4/26 at 1:35pm
"NICE KELL... btw HAVE A NICE TRIP...." on 4/26 at 1:40am
John from va beach, VA Says:
"i think its great you canceled the concert becuase of smoking advertisments" on 4/24 at 10:25pm
Chandni patel from florence, SC Says:
"Heyyy kelly thank you for taking a stand for us and not allowing them to sponsor tobacco @ your concert!! & HAPPY birthdayyyy! Mine is today too! i hope you have a great one! :)" on 4/24 at 9:53am
judy from sacramento, CA Says:
"thank you, thank you, thank you, i've had first-hand experience with the deadly effects of tobacco. you did the right thing and you will always do so i'm sure! " on 4/23 at 6:14pm
Kyle from Alexandria, VA Says:
"I was happy to see you do the right thing when you learned about the tobacco promotions, Kelly. Hopefully other artists will use this unfortunate situation as a lesson to pay closer attention to how their concerts are marketed abroad." on 4/23 at 3:54pm
Barbara Whitley from Mint Hill, NC Says:
"Thank you....Kelly....for refusing the sponsorship of tobacco.....may god bless you with great health allowing you to keep on singing. Also, happy daughter's birthday is 2 days after yours." on 4/23 at 1:49am
Penny Downs from ALAMOGORDO, NM Says:
"Thank you so much for not letting Big tobacco sponsor your concert. I work with youth and you sent them a great message! Keep up the good work! They are listening to more than your music. They are listening to your actions! Way to go! Thank you again." on 4/22 at 11:37pm
Shane from wrightwood, CA Says:
"kelly, thank you so much, that's very sweet of you, you're wonderful! that's why you're so dear to me, your voice can melt people, me...i love the way you are so dedicated and the way hearing your voice gives me hope. :)" on 4/22 at 11:21pm
Andrew from levittown, PA Says:
"Kelly, I love you! Love Your Music! and I love that your a great girl with good morals! Keep singing, my sexy lil' thing! " on 4/22 at 10:27pm
Dawn from Phoenix, AZ Says:
"My twins' grandmother was killed by tobacco before they were ever born. Their lives will be forever affected by big tobacco's greed. Thanks for sending the message that we're not going to help them start killing other nations now that America knows the truth and they're losing customer base. (If you want repeat customers, you shouldn't kill them!) Great job, Kelly! So wonderful to find a role model with ethics and morals for our children to idolize. " on 4/22 at 10:18pm
Eugene Blum from Elkhorn, WI Says:
"Thank you for taking the right stand , our young people have enough smoke blown their way . I started to smoke when I was 16 & my daughter started at 14 . I quit 10 years ago & hope that she will quit soon . Thanks again for taking a stand! " on 4/22 at 9:12pm
Rima from c-ville, VA Says:
"Hey Kelly! Thanks for not accepting tobacco sponsorship for your upcoming Concert! Rock On :)" on 4/22 at 8:42pm
Andrew from San Diego, CA Says:
"Thanks, Kelly. You made the right move. So, I guess you can go to the Prom with me after all! " on 4/22 at 6:58pm
Elise from St. Louis, MO Says:
"Thank you, Kelly, for taking a stand. As a singer, you know how important your voice and health are. Your fans need to know the same, and realize the underhandedness of the tobacco industry." on 4/22 at 6:21pm
Sally from Garland, TX Says:
"You did the right thing. Thanks so much for rejecting tobacco sponsorship. As a singer you know smoking is terrible for your voice, throat, and of course lungs. " on 4/22 at 6:05pm
"Now that's the American Idol i'm proud of! way to go, Kelly! " on 4/22 at 5:59pm
Motown from VA Beach, VA Says:
"Good call Kelly, THANK YOU!" on 4/22 at 4:48pm